Rendering Techniques '96

Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Porto, Portugal, June 17-19,1996, Eurographics

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ISBN/EAN: 9783211828830
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: IX, 298 S.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 1996
Einband: kartoniertes Buch


27 contributions treat the state of the art in Monte Carlo and Finite Element methods for radiosity and radiance. Further special topics dealt with are the use of image maps to capture light throughout space, complexity, volumetric stochastic descriptions, innovative approaches to sampling and approximation, and system architecture. The Rendering Workshop proceedings are an obligatory piece of literature for all scientists working in the rendering field, but they are also very valuable for the practitioner involved in the implementation of state of the art rendering system certainly influencing the scientific progress in this field.


InhaltsangabeThe Light Volume: An Aid to Rendering Complex Environments.- Light-Driven Global Illumination with a Wavelet Representation of Light Transport.- Global Illumination using Photon Maps.- Geometry Caching for Ray-Tracing Displacement Maps.- Cost Prediction in Ray Tracing.- Towards an Open Rendering Kernel for Image Synthesis.- Fast Rendering of Subdivision Surfaces.- High-Fidelity Radiosity Rendering at Interactive Rates.- Non-symmetric Scattering in Light Transport Algorithms.- Rendering Participating Media with Bidirectional Path Tracing.- Quasi-Monte Carlo Radiosity.- Importance-Driven Stochastic Ray Radiosity.- Efficiently Representing the Radiosity Kernel through Learning.- Accurate Error Bounds for Multi-Resolution Visibility.- Proximity Radiosity: Exploiting Coherence to Accelerate Form Factor Computations.- Error Control for Radiosity.- Hierarchical Rendering of Trees from Precomputed Multi-Layer Z-Buffers.- A Temporal Image-Based Approach to Motion Reconstruction for Globally Illuminated Animated Environments.- The Multi-Frame Lighting Method: A Monte Carlo Based Solution for Radiosity in Dynamic Environments.- Wavelet Based Texture Resampling.- Modeling Textiles as Three Dimensional Textures.- Synthesizing Verdant Landscapes using Volumetric Textures.- Ray Tracing in Non-Constant Media.- Hierarchical Back-Face Computation.- The 3D Visibility Complex: A New Approach to the Problems of Accurate Visibility.- Conservative Radiance Interpolants for Ray Tracing.- Accurate Visibility and Meshing Calculations for Hierarchical Radiosity.- Color Section.

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