Death in White Pyjamas & Death Knows No Calendar - Cover

Death in White Pyjamas & Death Knows No Calendar

Hörbuchdownload - British Library Crime Classics, Sprecher: Saul Reichlin

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Two of John Bude's finest Golden Age mysteries return to the limelight. In Death in White Pyjamas a theatre-owner, a 'slightly sinister' producer, a burgeoning playwright and a cast of ego-driven actors have gathered at a country home to read through a script. But before the production reaches the stage, one of their number is found murdered in the grounds wearing what seems to be somebody else's white pyjamas. And in Death Knows No Calendar, detective fiction enthusiast Major Tom Boddy is investigating a deadly shooting with no shooter in a locked artist's studio. There are four colourful suspects to scrutinise, and not one but two 'impossible' elements of the crime to solve.

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